Danne TVS Motorcycle shop

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  iCob Limited

P.O.Box 2181-30200 Kitale

Tel : + (254) - 721747109
Mail : icob.ke@gmail.com
Business Hours : 9:30 - 5:30


As the name suggests, this is a business contact information listing that allows customers, suppliers among other associates to be able to contact and locate the different businesses. This provides for reduced turnaround time, time spent shopping and direct information. To borrow from the yellow pages slogan, “let the fingers do the walking.”


The name “ iCob TM “ is derived from the joining the names information and Cob. Simply meaning it is a point of collection of information to form a single source of information resource. The aim to collect all the necessary information necessary for al parties in the locale allowing them to easily and efficiently conduct their business or functional activities.